N.R.Colours has leadership position in manufacturing an extensive range of organic & inorganic pigment dispersions. Our portfolio of high performance dispersions consist of wide range of quality products for use in Paint & Coating Industry. Fully compliant with all regulatory requirements of the global market, our portfolio offers you the right choice of COLOURANTS, whether your requirement is for Architectural, Decorative or Industrial Coatings, NRC provides you a complete solution.

DIY Universal Stainers

DIY Universal Stainers are concentrated pigment dispersion in aqueous solution, binder free, without alkyl-phenol ethoxylated (APEO- free). Produced in a ready to use semi-fluid paste, they have a dispensing consistency suitable to tint water-borne systems, like decorative paints based on polymeric resin emulsions, enamels and so on.


  • Decorative paints.
  • Aqueous emulsions based on polymeric resins.
  • Acrylic and styrene-acrylic water based paints.
  • Acrylic – Vam Veova, Vam Acrylate based paints, latex paints, etc.
  • Solvent based paints & enamels.
  • Alkyd paints, fast drying enamels, etc.

COLOUR TINT Machine Colourants

COLOUR TINT are concentrated pigment dispersion in aqueous solution, binder free, without alkyl-phenol ethoxylated (APEO- free). COLOUR TINT is a fluid, ready to use paste with machine dispensing consistency (both volumetric and gravimetric). Specifically designed for the tinting of water and solvent based architectural coatings. The product has good light and weathering resistance with a complete selection of colorants for both interior and exterior use.


  • Water borne paints and coatings of all kinds.
  • Aqueous emulsions resins such as acrylic, styrene-acrylic, vinyl, latex, silicone, etc.
  • Solvent based systems – Commonly used for decorative coating mainly based on medium – long oil alkyd resins.

Aqua Colour Hue Paste

Aqua Colour Hue Paste is line of Water Based Pigment preparations suitable for in-plant colouring of all types of water based Architectural Paints. We offer multiple options of Exterior and Interior Colorants to minimize final shade cost which have excellent stability for over 12 months. Selection of right pigments gives good light & weather fastness & has good Alkali resistance.


  • Excellent compatibility with wide range of Architectural Paints.
  • All types of Water Based Paints.
  • Flexo Printing Inks.
  • Detergents.
  • Leather application.
  • Rubber application.

COAT TINT Industrial Colourants

COAT TINT colourants are designed for in plant as well as point-of-sell tinting of solvent borne industrial coatings. COAT TINT are universal in nature and are compatible with Alkyds – Long, Medium & Short Oil, wide range of Acrylic Polyols, Plasticizers, Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Melamine Formaldehyde, Chlorinated Rubbers, Additives.


  • General Industrial Coatings.
  • Protective & Maintenance Coatings.
  • Automotive Refinish Systems.
  • Floor Coatings.
  • Aerosol Paints.

RESILAC – CNSL Resin & Cardanol Resin

The Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) can be considered as a versatile raw material with wide applications in the form of surface coatings, paints and varnishes, as well as the production of polymers. Once separated, CNSL can be used in the research and development of additives, surfactants, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, polymers, resins and others.


  • Off – White General Purpose Paints.
  • Coating with Anti-Corrosive Properties.
  • 100% Hammer Tone Finish.
  • Dark Coloured Enamels.
  • Gloss Synthetic Enamels.
  • Insulating Varnishes.
  • Food Can Lacquers.
  • Wood Polishes.
  • Printing Inks.

TITOX® – Micronized Buff Titanium Dioxide

TITOX® – Micronized Buff Titanium Dioxide is Buff Coloured Inorganic Pigment which is a substitute of Titanium Dioxide and finds application in all off-white shades. Fe (Iron) is present as Fe2O3 (Iron Oxide) and hence imparts Buff Colour to the product. TITOX® Micronized Buff Titanium Dioxide has   2 – 4% Fe2O3 content.

Available Grades : We have two categories under this product namely

  • TITOX® NANO – Particle size D 90 < 2 µ
  • TITOX® ULTRA – Particle size D 90 < 7 µ


  • Industrial Coatings
  • Auto refinishing
  • Anti corrosive paints
  • Automotive Coating
  • Coil coatings
  • Furniture Coating
  • Plastic Master batches
  • Solvent based Paints and many more


  • Only available substitute of Titanium Dioxide.
  • Easy dispersion in micronized form.
  • Easy Availability.
  • Cost Reduction in formulations.
  • Made In India, available locally.
  • Easy grinding.
  • Good opacity.


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